tooth model including root canal

A root canal is a treatment that is done to save a tooth instead of resorting to removal. Remember that the teeth may be the hardest of all substances made by our body, but they are also the only part that cannot self-heal. Consider alternative treatments to extraction and preserve your natural tooth by visiting oral care service providers in Caldwell, ID

There are telltale signs that a root canal treatment may be necessary for you. So read further and see if this dental treatment is the best option:


Feeling an uncomfortable ache when you eat or drink something hot or cold is an indication that you have tooth sensitivity. This is a sign that the enamel of your tooth has weakened or that you have receded gums. It is high time you pay a visit to your dentist if the persistent or continuous oversensitivity causes you pain and makes you avoid using the side of your mouth whenever you eat or drink.

Tooth Pain

As mentioned above, the teeth are the hardest part of our body. An adult has a biting force of up to 200 lbs., which is an incredible amount of power. However, if whenever you eat, the slightest pressure causes a toothache, then this is another sign that you might need a root canal. 

Staining or Discoloration

There might be some reasons why teeth are stained or discolored. It may be a result of your food intake, like recently consuming coffee, wine, tea, and some spices. However, if you only have one particular tooth that is discolored, this can indicate that there is a blood vessel or nerve that might be damaged. 

Loose Tooth

Dying tooth roots or nerves are one reason why you have a loosened tooth. This indicates that a root canal procedure or other oral care services in Caldwell, ID, are needed. The infection surrounding your tooth needs to be cleared for the ligaments to tighten.

Chipped, Cracked, or Damaged Tooth

A damaged tooth sustained from biting down hard, inevitable accidents, or playing close contact sports may require a root canal treatment. Whether your tooth is chipped or cracked, you cannot risk bacteria getting inside your tooth and causing an unwanted infection. 

Deep Cavities or Decay

Ignored cavities may deepen and worsen, and at some point, repairing them becomes no longer an option. This can either be resolved by a root canal or a dental implant. 

Inflamed Gums

Swollen and painful gums surrounding your aching tooth are signs that you need a root canal. Inflamed gums can be a cause of acidic waste from dead pulp tissues that require treatment to save your tooth.

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